Saturday, May 28, 2011

What a Surprise!

For several months now I have been praying for the success of a book scheduled to come out this fall, Tending The Temple: 365 Days of Spiritual & Physical Devotions, from Dr. Kevin Vost and Peggy Bowes.  Kevin is a good friend, and I've really enjoyed corresponding with Peggy these past few months.  During that same period I became serious about implementing the points made by Kevin in his Fit for Eternal Life, and have shed 52 lbs.  Well last week, completely out of the blue, I was invited to come on board as a third author.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be working with them; this is a project I will definitely learn a lot on!  My thanks to Kevin, Peggy, Bezalel Books, and its wonderful editor-in-chief, Cheryl Dickow.