Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rosary & Hostage Rescue

I kid you not. Fifteen hostages were just freed in the country of Columbia; and the hostages and President Alvaro Uribe, who directed the rescue operation, are all publically thanking the Lord for hearing the Blessed Virgin Mary's intercession on their behalf! Throughout their captivity the hostages invoked our Lady's prayers by praying the Rosary. Listen to this quote from the article I read:

Former presidential candidate, Ingrid Betancourt, who was among those rescued and in the past had said she was a non-practicing Catholic, told reporters her rescue was a miracle of the Virgin Mary. “I am convinced this is a miracle of the Virgin Mary,” she said. “To me it is clear she has had a hand in all of this,” Betancourt said after six years in captivity.

Amazing. I love this quote from President Uribe, "[the rescue operation] was guided in every way by the light of the Holy Spirit, the protection of our Lord and the Virgin Mary.” Oh, and not a single shot was fired! May God continue to bring good things about for our Columbian brothers and sisters.


  1. Love it... thanks for updating me about this story buddy.
    It is like a modern day Battle of Lepanto.