Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Blessed Mother & Physical Fitness

On Jan.1, I found myself thinking about two topics - the Blessed Mother (we celebrate her Motherhood the first day of every year) and physical fitness (because that's something I have been aspiring to).  From the outset I have to tell you that I do not look at physical fitness as an ego thing or trying to get someone to look my way.  No, it's about taking care of the gift God has entrusted to us and putting it to use in works of love for our families and others (a.k.a., "doing God's will").  God isn't just interested in our souls.  He created us as a COMPOSITE of body and soul.  He became a man to redeem our WHOLE person, soul and body.  Jesus loved us with His whole Body and Soul on the Cross, and He desires to be loved that way in return.  And what really struck me on Jan.1, was how the Blessed Mother is the ultimate example of loving the Lord with her ENTIRE body and soul, of putting her entire person at His disposal.  Man, I love her!  She is an example to us in absolutely everything!  (This icon is titled "Helper in Childbirth."  I found it through a Google search, but do not know who wrote it.  If anyone is privy to that information please let me know so I can give the proper attribution; it is amazing!)

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