Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Must be nice living in your 'black and white' world"

Has someone ever responded like that to you when you're talking about moral issues?  I bet you were discussing something relating to sexuality.  How did I know?  Oh, I've been in quite a few of those discussions over the years.  Someone inevitably chides me for being too rigid - believing its always wrong to abort a child ... or to have premarital sex ... or to use contraception, etc.  Can't I see how much "grey area" there is in those kind of issues?  Next time someone sarcastically says how nice it must be for me to live in a "black and white" world though, I think I have a ready response:  

"It really is.  My life became so much easier after I realized that every time I touched the hot stove I got burned; every time I tried flying like Superman gravity still won out; and every time I tried to breathe underwater I nearly died.  As many times as I tried, I could never find any grey areas.  Seeing as how we're both here having a discussion, I'm going to say that you didn't either.  The only difference between us is that you won't admit that there our laws at work in our sexual expression too; you're just refusing to acknowledge the cause and effect we see working itself out in the society around us - not to mention what happens at the level of the soul." 

I'm thinking out loud here.  Click on the comment section and chime in.  (If your comment doesn't pop up right away, don't worry; there's an approval process.)  Look forwarding to hearing from you!

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