Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Lady of Guadalupe & the Rights of the Unborn

Very honored to be asked to pen the Life Group Devotion for this morning on this feast of Our Lady.  They are an awesome organization.  Hope you click the link above to check them out.  (You can receive Pro-Life reflections on the daily Scripture readings sent to your inbox every morning.)  Here is my reflection:

Since the Roe v. Wade decision over 50 million unborn children in the United States alone have been sacrificed to maintain, or in the hope of achieving, a certain material lifestyle.  It is not the first time human sacrifice has been practiced on our continent, and today the Church celebrates the manner God chose some 500 years ago to convert the hearts of millions of native people to the Gospel of Life.  In December, 1531, Jesus sent his mother to Juan Diego, and through him millions of adherents to the Aztec religion, a religion that portrayed many of its gods as serpents and was focused upon human sacrifice.  Mary was sent to our continent as the Woman of Revelation 12 – pregnant, clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, at war with “the ancient serpent, Satan” (Rev.12:9).  Within ten years of her appearance in Mexico, 9 million Native Americans embraced Jesus Christ and in doing so, renounced the culture of death.  To aid us in our current fight against the Serpent and the revival of human sacrifice on our shores, Pope John Paul II proclaimed Our Lady of Guadalupe as Patroness of the Americas and Protectress of the Unborn.
Faith Challenge: Invoke Our Lady of Guadalupe’s intercession on behalf of the unborn today, that she petition her beloved Son to release the grace of God on our country and the world.

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