Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thoughts (Some, Goofy) from the Sick Bed

I have felt worse this past week than I have in years.  On Sunday, I thought I was a little worn down; so I spent the day on the couch.  By that night the croup-like cough kicked in and then by Monday afternoon it was full-blown fever, chills, body aches - the whole shebang.  It's Thursday now, and I am finally fever free; I still sound like I am going to cough up a lung, but I am fever free!  And in the spirit of pushing off (for at least another 10 minutes) the arduous process of wiping down the house with bleach and Lysol, here are some of the thoughts/realizations I've had this week:
  1. As appealing as becoming a hermit may sometimes seem, I need human contact way too much to make a go of that.
  2. The ring of the telephone is not always a bad thing.
  3. St. Ignatius of Antioch wrote about redemptive suffering and the Communion of Saints way back in 110 A.D.
  4. My pain tolerance is pitiful.
  5. If it's a choice between watching Dr. Phil, Ellen, or Wendy ... just turn off the television.
  6. When you're awake at 3 a.m., anxious over all of the tasks piling up at work and home, the Rosary might not put you back to sleep; but it will give you peace.
  7. I am not nearly grateful enough on the 350-some days of the year when I feel "middle of the road" - those days are tremendous gifts.
  8. It is possible to miss working out. 
  9. Sickness isn't a waste if we tell Jesus that we want to join our discomfort to His on the Cross; it turns the sickness into a prayer.
  10. Did I mention how hard it is to watch daytime television?
  11. It's good to ask God for help, and it's good to pray for one another.
  12. When you feel bad, it helps to stop and intentionally place yourself in God's Hands.  Get a clear picture of it in your mind.  When we're sick for a length of time our perspective becomes skewed, and we need to remind ourselves of reality.  
  13. There are countless brothers and sisters dealing with so much more than me - "God, please help them."  



  1. Shane - So glad you are feeling a little better now... sounds like it was a very rough week, but as you said, sickness isn't a waste if we join our suffering with Christ's. It sounds as though you absolutely used your suffering for good. God will bless you for it.

    1. Kari, you are the soul of kindness. Hope you and yours are doing a 100!