Thursday, January 9, 2014

If You Need Help Fasting ...

Back in the Fall, after I wrote a couple of posts about fasting, I was contacted by the kind folks at Live the Fast.  They are an apostolate dedicated to helping people integrate the ancient practice of fasting into their spiritual lives. I  recommend visiting their website, where you will find plenty of resources:
articles, quotes from saints and popes regarding fasting,written testimonials, blog posts, videos on the spirituality of fasting from the apostolate's founder as well as Scott Hahn and Mother Olga of the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth, and nutritious breads ready to order.

Live the Fast sent me a sample of their breads. (You can order three dozen rolls, enough for nine days, for $23.50. Live the Fast's founder owns LaVallee’s Bakery Distributors, New England’s premier provider of artisan breads.) Because breads typically found on our supermarket shelves lack the nutritional value of breads used in biblical times, LaVallee used his baking expertise to produce highly-nutritious fasting breads - no untreated, unbleached flours and no artificial preservatives or additives.  If you wish to fast on bread alone, but are cognizant of your nutritional needs, these would be the people to contact.

If you peruse their website you will see that they offer the book Fast With the Heart by Fr. Slavko Barbaric.  I have not read the book.  It may have very good things to say about fasting, but the late Fr. Barbaric was associated with the alleged apparitions occurring at Medjugorje, which have not received Church-approval, and which I personally have had great reservations about for a number of years. So, I draw that to your attention.

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