Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rosary during the Week of Easter

Easter is such a tremendous Mystery that the Church actually takes eight days to unpack it.  That's right, liturgically, Easter continues through next Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday.  When I prayed the Rosary today I devoted all five of the mysteries to different aspects of the Resurrection accounts:

1.  The earthquake and descent of an angel to roll back the stone.  The Roman soldiers flee.  The women come to the tomb to anoint Jesus' body and are told of the Resurrection by the angel (Matthew)
2.  Peter and John, told of the empty tomb by the women, race to investigate it.  John looks in and believes, but Peter goes away wondering (John's Gospel).
3.  Mary Magdalene weeping at the tomb, asks the "gardener" where he has moved Jesus' body.  Jesus reveals Himself by speaking her name (John).
4.  On the road to Emmaus, Jesus opens the Scriptures to Cleopas and another disciple.  He opens their eyes to recognize Him in the Breaking of the Bread (Luke).
5.  When those two disciples return to tell the apostles that Jesus has been raised, the Lord then appears to the whole group (Luke).  He breathes on them, "Receive the Holy Spirit.  Anyone whose sins you forgive are forgiven them.  Anyone whose sins you hold bound are held bound" (John).

Happy Easter!

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