Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aristotle 101 - Part III, Three Dimensions of a Person

All bodies have three dimensions: length, width, and height.  But as persons we human beings have at least three other dimensions, or “directions,” in which we can act as human beings: making, doing, and knowing.







We are artists. 
(art – anything artificial, or man-made)

We make everything from clothes, to paintings, to a large hadron collider.

We are moral and social beings.

We achieve, or fail to achieve, happiness by doing right or wrong.  What we do inevitabley puts us in contact with other people.

We are learners.

We acquire knowledge about nature, society, ourselves, and even knowledge itself
(as we are right now)

"Productive" thinking

"Practical" thinking

"Speculative," or "Theoretical" thinking

Concerned with
“the Beautiful”
“the Good”
“the Truth”
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