Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why call it "Just a Catholic"?

Because that's what I am, just a Catholic, just one of the hundreds of millions. I don't hold a Master's Degree in Theology, although once upon a timie I took a couple of classes toward one. I'm not formally connected to any religious order or renewal movement (nor do I feel called to one) within the Church, although I have been influenced by many. Since I was 13 years old though, my life has been animated by Jesus of Nazareth; and ever so steadily He unfolded the beauty of Catholicism to me. And thus I find myself, a day-in and day-out Catholic going to work and struggling to be a decent husband and father. That's what God has called me to; that's what my Father wants from me. God, give me the Grace to give it to You.

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