Tuesday, April 30, 2013

EWTN's "The Journey Home" - A Year Later

When I heard today's date, I realized that it was my one year anniversary of visiting with Marcus Grodi on The Journey Home.  I remember watching the interview with my family and a few close friends - how completely mortified I was seeing myself, "You guys have to look at that goofy face all of the time?!"  Sure I had looked in the mirror before, but watching my facial expressions as I  told a story was a whole new ball game.  Once again though God showed Himself more than capable of writing straight with crooked lines, because all of the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive - people were not distracted by me, but instead heard how awesomely generous, powerful, and patient God is with His children.

The thing I am personally most grateful for regarding the visit was how it gave me a chance to visit with my friend Kevin Lowry (COO of the Coming Home Network that produces TJH).  I had started reading Kevin's blog a year before, and we struck up a friendship via email; but my visit to the show was my first chance to speak to him face-to-face. He is such a personable, authentically holy, down-to-earth guy - a true brother in Christ.  I felt such a tremendous comfort sharing more of my story with him - in particular my experience of the Cross in the years following those I shared about on TJH. I am very fortunate to have had Kevin interceding for me this past year.  

So has anything changed as a result of my appearance on The Journey HomeWell, it certainly made more people aware of this blog; the traffic for this past year was 300% greater than the four previous years combined!  (Thanks are also due of course to Gary Zimak and Devin Rose for their kind recommendations of Just a Catholic to their readers.)  TJH is an incredible platform to speak from, and I am tremendously honored to have been able to share some of the high points in the story of what the Lord Jesus has done for me.  My sincerest thanks to Marcus, Kevin, Scott Scholten, Bill Bateson, Mary Claire Piecynski, and JonMarc Grodi for welcoming me and making it such a memorable visit.

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