Thursday, August 2, 2012

Apparitions at Banneux and Beauraing

Beauraing (which I believe is pronounced Bo-reen) and Banneux (pronounced Bah-neh) are Marian apparitions you don't hear much about. Both took place after the much more well known apparition at Fatima.

Thirty-three apparitions took place in Beauraing, Belgium, between Nov.1932 and Jan.1933.  The apparitions were granted to five children, (Gilberte, Fernande, and Albert Voisin and Andree and Gilberte Degeimbreand) aged nine to fourteen, in the garden of a convent.  The Blessed Mother appeared to them clothed in a white dress and veil, a Rosary hanging from her right arm, and her garments emitting a soft blue light.  Sharp rays of golden light radiated from her face.  On multiple occasions her heart was manifested to the children - a golden heart and pouring forth golden rays of light.  (Our Lady of Beauraing is also known as Our Lady of the Golden Heart.)  Mary identified herself as, "the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven."  She told them instructed them to "Pray always" and "sacrifice" for the conversion of sinners.  (This was only six years before the onslaught of WWII.)  She also requested that a chapel be built at that spot. The annual pilgrimage day to Beauraing is Aug.22nd.

Apparitions began taking place at Banneux, also in Belgium, not even two weeks after those in Beauraing.  Eight apparitions occurred in Banneux between January and March 1933 to an eleven year old girl, Mariette Beco.  Mary identified herself as the "Mother of the Savior, Mother of God," as well as "the Virgin of the Poor."  Mary assured Mariette of her prayers on behalf of her children and instructed Mariette to "pray ... pray much ... pray very much" and repeatedly beckoned her to a spring near Mariette's home.  The Blessed Mother said "This spring is reserved for all the nations - to relieve the sick," and she asked that a small chapel be built there. 

What's truly amazing is that Mary was appearing in Banneux at the exact time that elections were being held in Germany and Hitler was being voted in as chancellor.  The Blessed Mother's message of a spring of healing "for all the nations" flew in the face of the Nazi conception of the master race and its coming policy of extermination (see Foley's Marian Apparitions, p.297)

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