Monday, August 13, 2012

Mary's Assumption - the QUINTESSENTIAL Catholic Feast

It really is, just think about it.  By defining the dogma of Mary's Assumption and celebrating it as a Holy Day of Obligation, the Church draws together all the most magnificent elements of our Faith:

The Trinity - into whose life Mary was bodily inserted
Jesus' Resurrection - shared with His Blessed Mother, and eventually with all of us
Salvation - begun in us purely by the grace of God, and brought to perfection through our lifelong cooperation
The Goodness of the Body - that it is not at odds with living a "spiritual life," but is destined for glory
Sacred Tradition - by which we have explicit knowledge of Mary's assumption
Sacred Scripture - by which we have implicit knowledge of her assumption (the image of Rev.12:1-2)
Papal Infallibility - which cemented our knowledge of it
The Communion of Saints - Mary being its most magnificent member and interceding for the Church on earth and in purgatory
The Eucharist - by which we give thanks to God and unite ourselves to Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension, just like Mary.

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